woman wearing blue top while standing on plain field
woman wearing blue top while standing on plain field

School Holiday activities for the Girls

Get the girls together for some fun these July school Holidays

These events are designed to gather the girls together and reflect 5 research based strategies to support the mental health and wellbeing of women and teenage girls:

Greater emphasis on social support

Supporting one another rather than competing

Emphasising achievement, improvement and ability

Empowering women and girls through role modelling

Educating on skills and strategies for resilience, emotional regulation, and stress management

JUNE Events!

Check out this awesome event for ALL GIRLS ALL AGES

Help me make it meaningful

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate – it affects 1 in 5 Australians every year with symptoms like depression and anxiety. The impact can be devastating, not only for those living with it, but for those around them.

That’s why I’m getting active and raising funds for the Black Dog Institute - to support crucial mental health research and support services that help Australians impacted by mental illness and suicide.

Help me create a meaningful moment for mental health and join me at our Girls CAN play - move for mental health to work up a sweat, all for a great cause. Big Picture Health will be hosting a 4 hour basketball 🏀 bonanza at the Ballina Indoor Sports Centre on June 15th from 10-2 pm Come along and join the GIRLS and learn a little as you play , have some fun and support your own mental health and others !Bring your Mother, Daughters, sisters, cousins and friends … let’s get the girls moving for something meaningful!

Workshops, Programs and Retreats

Specialised health and wellbeing workshops and retreat sessions for women of all ages.

All programs and retreats are created using URISE concepts:

Unleash the power within and release stress and tension

Raise your resilience reveal your authentic self

Invite intuition into your life and lead with what is true for you

Soulful self-care to nourish and revitalise the inner self

Explore and Empower yourself and others

Pilates classes with a little extra! Focus on building core strength, balance and stability and proprioception in order to improve posture, performance, and prevent injuries AND enjoy beautifully crafted mindfulness practice to end each session. You will walk away feeling stronger in mind and body and with a sense of calm and purpose every session

Pilates Plus+

Your tomorrow starts today

Prioritising health and wellbeing is not selfish.

Finding the balance you desire starts with you.

Its time to start living your bold authentic life

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