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Women Rising

Do you want to improve your health and wellbeing, to rediscover or find your passion or purpose, to be inspired and motivated, to prioritise your time and your health, to feel better about yourself and the future, to find your vibe and your tribe, to feel empowered to move towards creating real change to your health and wellbeing?

If the answer is YES! to any of these questions, you need URISE.

The URISE program is delivered in person, workshops or retreat style, or online.

All programs and retreats are created using URISE concepts:

Unleash the power within and release stress and tension

Raise your resilience reveal your authentic self

Invite intuition into your life and lead with what is true for you

Soulful self-care to nourish and revitalise the inner self

Explore and Empower yourself and others

The URISE program offers:

  • Personal growth resources, worksheets and activities

  • Real Life Models sharing their stories and learnings

  • Nutrition, Gut health and recipe packs to upgrade your health

  • Pilates Plus+ workouts

  • Time out to reconnect with your authentic self with mindfulness strategies and practice

  • Beautiful retreat spaces and accommodation options

  • Workplace or team based workshops

  • Online course options(Video and downloadable) on demand in a 6-week action plan that you can complete in as little as 15 mins a day.

BPH programs

Young Women Rising

Big Picture Health provides opportunities for students aged 10-16 yrs to connect, learn, get active and have some fun together in a positive healthy space. The programs include:

Young Women Rising Retreat Days - a fun filled day for tweens (10-12 yrs) to explore and embrace all that it means to be a teenager, provide strategies for positive health and wellbeing and introduces some creative ways to set and reach goals for the future. This is a fantastic group or team building activity.

Young Women Rising 8-10 week program- Bespoke programs written for your teens (13-16yrs). Using the URISE concepts teens will explore their way through what it to means live authentically and rise above the challenges that teenagers face. Perfect for teams and schools.

Teen Pilates and Wellbeing 3-4hr workshops - Join Kellie for an educational, inspirational and fun filed afternoon of Pilates, Nutrition, Wellbeing, Self care, Core strength and so much more. teaming up with Lifeworks pilates Studio Ballina to bring this to life

Our next Teen Pilates and Wellbeing Workshop is April 17th .

BPH Services

Pilates PLUS+

Specialised health and wellbeing services PILATES PLUS + classes are focused on building core strength, balance and stability and proprioception in order to improve posture and performance, and prevent injuries. Sessions are conducted at your place of work with your colleagues to help you take some time out of your day to practice Pilates and indulge in a little extra mindfulness, stretching and unwinding and more.

a group of people doing yoga in the grass
a group of people doing yoga in the grass

BPH Programs

Girls Can Play

Bringing girls together to play and learn together is key. Play is the foundation for growth and joy. Girls Can Play embraces this concept and delivers our signature program and provides opportunities for girls to develop skills for the game and life, grow in confidence and build a practical toolkit to help them face challenge with grit and grace.

Book in for our School Holiday Workshop April 24th 1-4pm

BPH Products

Look Good Feel Better

What you see on the outside isn't always what's happening on the inside.

You can Bio-hack your health and reduce oxidative stress at a cellular level and enjoy the benefits of looking and feeling younger, more energised, and balanced. Reduce inflammation, increase energy, improve sleep quality, support immune and circulatory system function and more.

Choosing natural options to reactivate your cells, Non-toxic health, skincare and hair-care options reduces cellular stress and improves your health inside and out.