Get to know us

Big Picture Health is a women focused social enterprise that provides women and girls with safe and inclusive opportunities to engage in physical activity and sport, learn positive wellbeing practice and develop resilience leadership. We empower women and girls to reach their potential in wellbeing, sport and life.

Our mission

We aim to connect, support and work together to achieve positive resilience change and role model this behaviour to others to improve wellbeing outcomes. We provide opportunities for women and girls to engage in 5 research based strategies to support the mental health and wellbeing :

Greater emphasis on social support

Supporting one another rather than competing

Emphasising achievement, improvement and ability

Empowering women and girls through role modelling

Educating on skills and strategies for resilience, emotional regulation, and stress management

Our vision

"Raising girls with grit and empowering women for action"

When girls participate environments that prioritise wellbeing, they are able to grow, and thrive. Resilient teenagers have better mental health outcomes and participation in high quality physical activity and resilience leadership programs are linked to improved health and wellbeing and life fulfilment.

group of people hugging themselves
group of people hugging themselves

Meet the woman behind it all

Kellie is a mother, a high school teacher , a coach, a human movement specialist, an athlete, a youth empowerment and positive psychology coach and wellbeing warrior . She is driven to help women and girls live their bold authentic lives and empowers them to reach their potential in wellbeing, sport and life.

Kellie Coates

Founder / Program designer / Facilitator